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Cosmolle's Fashionable Workout Sets to Set off Your Fitness Resolutions

With every New Year, people make it a goal to hit the gym and achieve their fitness goals. However, the enthusiasm is soon killed because the motivation dies. So, if you want to ensure that your fitness journey doesn’t come to a halt, it’s better to get your hands on long sleeve legging set, which comes with matching pieces. 

However, it’s difficult to find the right workout sets, which is why we are talking about Cosmolle. This brand has a lot of workout sets available in a variety of colors, so let us introduce you to some!

Move Free Bra & Bike Short Set with Pockets

The first set on our list is this shorts set, and these shorts come with pockets (isn’t this dream come true?). The set has been made from high-stretch fabric, which helps create the slimming experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it fits like a corset without taking away your comfort. That’s because there is a high-waist design. 

The shorts are integrated with pockets for keeping your stuff close by. On top of everything, the shorts have a peach design, making it easier to flaunt the butt. As far as the bra is concerned, it comes with the best wireless bra, so it looks pretty awesome as a set. Lastly, the bra promises sufficient support to big-busted women as well!

Bra and Shorts Ribbed Seamless Activewear Set

If you have ever worn clothes with a military print, you’d know how cool they look. For the same reason, we are adding this shorts set to the list. That’s because it has a military tie-and-dye design. It’s suitable for tummy control as the shorts have a high-waisted design. In addition, it helps lift up the butt, so there is no sagging feels. 

The bra also offers a lifting experience for breasts. The activewear set is made from recycled nylon, making it eco-friendly. Overall, the set promises a comfortable experience as the fabric is breathable.

Ultimate Contour Bra & 8-in-1 Happy Butt Solution Leggings Set

If you are someone who cannot stop purchasing high waisted leggings, this set is a must-have. This set is made from an innovative fabric that keeps camel toe at bay while keeping your body dry. Also, this fabric offers uplifting for the entire body, including breasts and butt. The set is made from lycra and nylon fabric mix, so it’s easy on your skin. 

The leggings are squat-proof, so you can use them for an intense workout. Not to forget, there is underwear stitched into the leggings for your ease. Lastly, the bra top has a curved hem and a scooped back, so it looks amazing.

Move Free Bra and 7/8 Length Leggings Set

The last one on our list is this leggings set. The leggings are designed with a higher spandex count, so there are no coverage issues, and your shape will be contoured as well. The leggings have a high-waisted design, so you will look slim and toned. On top of everything, the leggings and bra are designed in a light blue color, which looks amazing on every skin tone.

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